Monday, January 10, 2011

Clone Trooper

I promised Darling son KW I would make him a Star Wars - Clone Trooper lunch. Here's the closeup .... Does it look like a Clone Trooper?

As usual with the mad morning rush, I forgot to put in a small rectangular piece of cheese ... can you spot the place where the missing piece of cheese is suppose to be? Yes, on the right side of the face, near the eye shades.

It was not that difficult to cut the cheese. The picture was drawn and cut from a piece of parchment paper. All I needed to do in the morning was to use this template, and cut the shape from a slice of cheese. Put in the details using some thin nori strips. Place the cheese on a small sheet of nori. Trim the nori, following the shape of the cheese. Place on the rice. Done!

"Is it Echo-Echo?" asked my little boy.
"Tomorrow, ok?" I said.
"OK!" came the reply.

So, that's my homework for the day =)


Happy Homebaker said...

You are a great mum! I doubt I am capable of making all those nice bento lunches you have made for your boys! I will love to make bento for my children, but they told me they prefer to buy food from the canteen ;)

PiggyMummy said...

Hi, HHB! I was just telling my hubby yesterday, that I had to do more bentos now. I'm sure my boys will want to buy food from the canteen when we return to Singapore in a couple of years. They will be too PaiSay to bring a home lunch.

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