Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Under the Sea

Under the sea .... do you want to do a Mexican Dance with me?

Monday was a federal holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
It was a long, busy weekend for me. Half the time, I was in the kitchen, preparing, cooking and washing. By Monday evening, I was exhausted. I did not do my "Lunch" homework, and all I had in the fridge, ready for cooking the next morning, was a pack of mini sausages!

And so the boys asked during dinner, "What are we having for school lunch tomorrow?".

Erh ... "Sausages?" ... "Yeah!".
Junk food never fail to please the kids. Sigh.
And so, I convinced myself, just for one day, I would let them bring sausages to school.

The legs of the sausages were cut on Monday night, so that I would not be in such a rush the next morning. In the morning, get a pan of water to boil, and put the sausage octopuses (or octopi, octopodes) in to cook.

As the sausages swam in the pan, I started work on the eyes, and mouths. Like I said, I was not prepared. I only realised I had 8 sets of eyes and mouths to work on after cutting the first small circle from a slice of cheese! It was also difficult to get the eyes to stick onto the sausages. I used a little mayo in the end.

The rice was mixed with the leftover chicken floss from last night's dinner. I placed one octopus on a broccoli floret, and put it into the box, hoping that the legs would stretch out. It took a while for me to place the four "creatures" into the lunchbox, together with the broccoli florets. The legs didn't stretch out much, as you could see from the photo. They were buried under the florets of broccoli. I put in a Sombrero hat for the last octopus, and we were ready to go!

Are you ready to dance, Mr Octopus?

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