Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Hungry Caterpillars

Let me introduce myself. I'm one hungry caterpillar, and I like strawberries!

Meet my elder brother ... he's another hungry caterpillar!
And, we both like strawberries!

Lunch for the boys today is a caterpillar-themed bento. Why caterpillar? Because, I realised that when you put together a row of broccoli, they looked like the body of a caterpillar! And a round piece of carrot worked well for the face. So all I needed to do in the morning, was to prepare the eyes, and cut the triangular legs. With a small triangular cutter, it was a breeze preparing the twelve legs of the caterpillar. Pan-frying the bite-size char siew chicken thigh pieces didn't take up too much time either.

The boys requested for strawberries in their lunchbox, and I was more than happy to oblige. We bought a big box of strawberries from Costco. Not only was it a huge box of strawberries, the strawberries were big too! Don't you think the huge one look like a clam?

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