Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good MOO-rning!

Good MOO-rning!

A bright and sunny, but cold morning.
The cow says MOOO ... and the boys are ready to bring him to school!

I have been doing my homework, and I think I'm hooked on preparing bentos for my kids. It's challenging to use what you already have, put ingredients together and hoping that the end product will bring on a smile when the boys open their lunchbox!

Darling son KW emptied his TigerCub lunch yesterday .... he brought home the leaf of lettuce. He is not a fan of leafy vegetables, except cabbage and spinach. His little brother, on the other hand, eats most kind of vegetables, except, spinach! He happily chewed up his huge leaf of lettuce yesterday .. "In one mouthful!", according to him.

So today, I included a COW in their lunchbox!
..... MOOOOOOOO .......

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