Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where are you, Totoro?

Are you looking for me? I'm not quite the perfect Totoro. My ears are too long, and my body ... too short. The proportions are not quite right. But like my friends, the Makkuro Kurosuke, I'm edible =)

Someone stole my whiskers ... I feel strange without them ....

Here's the full view of the lunchbox. It's a 45oml Lock&Lock box.
The boys don't eat that much rice for lunch, since they have only 30 minutes for lunch in school. It was kind of challenging to make this mini Totoro, using about 3 tablepsoon of rice.

I had wanted to do a rice Totoro, after making the Makkuro Kurosuke yesterday. I was toying with the idea of using nori mixing with rice, instead of grounded black sesame seeds. The nori had to be cut to very tiny pieces, so that the rice would look like it had been "dusted". Being sleep-deprived, and needing something exciting to fuel my energy for the day, I decided to make Totoro! Why not, since it was only ONE Totoro that I was going to make. Why only one? Because it was Darling son KW's turn to be down with a fever last night. He would be staying home today, and having his "special" lunch.

Lesson learnt ... I'm a rookie in making bentos, and I need to do my homework. The proportions will be right, and I will definitely remember to put in those whiskers the next time! No wonder the rice Totoro looked kind of strange =p Check out AnnaTheRed Bento Factory's "How To" make a rice Totoro!

This toy was brought home by Darling son KW. His artwork from school. They watched "My Neighbor Totoro", and made this toy. He had fun stitching, after stuffing the toy with polyfill.

This green fellow even has a Birth Certificate.
His name is ... BOB!
Isn't it cool?!

And that's lunch for hubby dear! Eat more vegetables, they are good for you!


AnnaTheRed said...

Soooo cute!! You did an awesome job!!

If you don't mind, I'd love to put this one and the Makkurokurosuke one on the "your bento" page on my blog.

Keep up the great work!

PiggyMummy said...

Hi Anna, it's my pleasure to have the posts link to your blog on "Your Bento" .. that is if you don't mind the missing whiskers and those not-so-big eyes on the sooties =) Thanks for sharing the "How-To"! Great tutorials for rookies like me!

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