Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tiger Cubs

To my dearest boys,

Mom did her homework yesterday.
Hope you like your "Tiger-Cub" lunch today!

Love, Mom


Yes, I did my homework while the boys were at school. I did a sketch of what to pack. I tried to include more colours, more vegetables. Of course, I need to organise so that the kitchen will be less messy after the cooking and packing.

To make the face more like a tiger cub, I mixed some ketchup into the rice. Use a bear mould to shape the cub's face. Cut the eyes, mouth, whiskers and eyebrows from a sheet of nori while waiting for the chicken to bake in the oven.

I put the rice into the lunchbox, fixed the faces, and then filled the space around the tiger cubs with broccoli florets. When the baked chicken thighs cooled, I cut them up into strips and put them on a leaf of lettuce and into the lunchbox. I had some carrot rounds, and I put two into each lunchbox, hoping to create the paws of the cubs.

Well, darling son KW came over to peep at my sketch while I was packing the lunchboxes. "They are different from the sketch, Mama."

Indeed. I am not very good at estimating the amount of space I have for the food. As I was putting in the chicken pieces on the leaf of lettuce, I realised the chicken pieces resembled the body of the cub! Hence, the changes. Now I could see a cub, face and body, hidding in the bush!

Including the carrots as paws was a last minute idea.
By the time I finished packing, it was almost time to go to school. Given a little more time, the final lunchbox would look something like that, with the paw prints cut out from nori =)

Now they look more like tiger paws!
Oh well, the next time, I will remember!
I learn from my mistakes =)

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