Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's ... SHAUN, the Sheep!

It's Shaun, the sheep! And with him, the Naughty Pig!

My boys are so familiar with this sheep.
They love watching the animated series, Shaun, The Sheep. Their Art teacher in school had a unit on Shaun last year. They watched the video, and then went about drawing and crafting the sheep. I asked my boys if they could draw Shaun ... "Oh, that's so easy!" came their reply.

Last night, I was thinking of how I could include some ham into their lunch, without making a ham flower, when I chanced upon SusanYuen's blog. What a lovely blog! And there was a post on "How to Make Shaun the Sheep and The Naughty Pig". Just what I needed! To use the slice of ham for the Pig! Yeah!

So last night, I draw the Pig and Sheep on a piece of parchment paper, and cut out the templates. This morning, after sending in the trays of vegetable spring rolls and bacon wrapped asparagus into the oven to bake, I started work on Shaun.

He was fairly easy to put together!

  • Put two small pieces of nori together.
  • Cut the shape of shaun's head using the templates.
  • Separate the two nori heads, and place them on a slice of cheese.
  • Using a small knife, cut the cheese with the nori on it.
  • There, you get Shaun's head ... nori on cheese.
  • Next, place the cloud-like template on a small piece of cheese.
  • Cut the cheese, following the template.
  • You get the fluffy top on Shaun's head.
  • Place it on the nori.
  • Proceed to do the eyes.
  • Using a straw, cut out four circles (for two shauns) from a piece of cheese.
  • Using a nori punch or scissors, cut another four smaller circles using a sheet of nori.
  • Place the nori circles on the cheese circles. Eyes, done!

Place the head on a bed of cauliflower, and you get Shaun, head and body!

The Naughty Pig was a challenging one to deal with!

The slice of ham was fairly thin, and I thought I could cut two pigs at one go! Wrong! While trying to slice through the second piece, I almost broke the arm of the first pig! I had no choice but to cut one pig at a time, and very carefully too, as one arm was dangling from the first pig. With limited time, I wouldn't want to have to cut a third pig! Since I do not have an oval cutter, I had to use a scissors to cut out the snout. I use a smaller straw to cut two circles on the ham snout. I ended up with a not-so-oval, but quite a rectangular snout.

Did you hear the pig scream?
Did he say "Leave me alone!", or did you hear "EAT ME!"?

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