Monday, January 31, 2011

Tare Panda

Oh, I just love Tare Panda! I'm starting to look more like him, since I have been sleep deprived!

Last night, I was surfing the internet when I came across a really cute image of Tare Panda. It would be fun to include him in the boys' bento, I thought. Just half a face, as the Panda seemed to be hiding behind something. It would be good for me as less details to be included amidst the morning rush .....

The product this morning .... seemed like one eye is missing, hahaha!
I need to improve on my rice shaping skills, as well as paying more attention to the details. The original plan was to have the panda peeking out from behind the baby corn. Oh well, my first attempt ... didn't quite make it. More room for improvement =)

In the bento ... Baked baby corn, pan-fried "Hanbagu", some florets of broccoli and few slices of carrots. The extra meat balls were packed into Hubby Dear's lunchbox.

I managed to squeeze in some time to do a hard-boiled egg for him to include in the lunchbox. How about the vegetables? He likes long beans but not the kids, so I quickly stir fry some beans with minced garlic in a little oyster sauce.

There you go ... the beans in the middle of the rice! He can mix it up and the rice will be more tasty then! Time to think about what to pack for tomorrow's lunch! Hmm ... maybe a Dinosaur, since Darling son YW is going on a field trip to the Geology Museum tomorrow ....

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