Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rice Balls and More!

There are days when I feel lazy, and want something that is easy to prepare and to eat for either lunch or dinner. Something light, something that can be eaten in a short time.

Since I had a pack of smoked salmon sitting in the fridge, why not use it for rice balls? These little rice balls, topped with small thin slices of smoked salmon, would make a lovely lunch item. And they are not difficult to make at all!

First, seasoned your rice with some sushi rice vinegar.
Cut the smoked salmon into slices.
Place the slice of smoked salmon onto a big sheet of cling wrap.
Top the salmon with some rice.
Pull the ends of the wrap together and twist!
Shape the rice, remove the wrap and done!

I had a really small pack of smoked salmon, and managed to make only 9 rice balls. Only 8 in the photograph? I ate one before taking the photograph ... food tasting =p

That's definitely not enough for everyone. And what about the vegetables?

I stir fried a packet of shitake mushrooms with some olive oil, garlic and vegetarian oyster sauce (less salty than the actual oyster sauce). Using my triangular rice mould, I made four onigiri. I didn't do a good job, as some of the fillings were falling out, and the wrong way too! The rice should wrapped the fillings, so I should not see the fillings =p Will not make the same mistake twice!

In order to use up the leftover SPAM from another meal, I decided to make Musubi! And to complete the meal, a bowl of miso soup with some silken tofu thrown in!

We each had two rice balls, an onigiri, a musubi and a bowl of soup! I was stuffed that afternoon =)

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