Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miffy The Rabbit

Miffy says "Hi, are you ready for the Year of the Rabbit?"

In today's lunchbox ... Broccoli, Carrot Rounds, some corn kernels, and baked Char Siew Chicken Thigh Fillet. The chicken fillets were marinated last evening, and left in the fridge overnight. I took them out this morning, send them into the oven to bake at 375 for about 30 minutes, or till cooked thoroughly. While the chicken fillets were baking in the oven, I started work on Miffy.

  • Use a Miffy cookie cutter, or any bunny cookie cutter.
  • Place the cookie cutter on a slice of cheese.
  • Then, placed the cut out cheese onto a sheet of nori.
  • Follow the outline of the cheese, cut the nori.
  • Using two very thin strips of nori, form a cross. That's the mouth.
  • Cut the eyes using a scissors, or a nori punch.

Ok, my Miffy didn't quite look like Miffy, because of the eyes.
The circles from my nori punch were too big for the bunny. It was very difficult to cut or trim the circles. So I used another nori punch with curved eyes. It was easier to trim these curvy eyes. Hmmm, it's time I pay a visit the craft shop, to get a scrapbooking circle punch! They have a variety of punches, with circles of different diameters!

Rabbits like carrots!
I put three carrot rounds through a leaf pick.
There, a happy Miffy with her carrot stick!

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