Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet the Minion!

Meet the Minion, from Despicable Me!

These little fellows are busy working for Gru, building this and that ... so they need tools!

Minion and tools ... they make a good bento lunch for boys =) Plus, it is not difficult to put together the Minion. Simple tools like straws and piping tip, or any circular objects you can find in your home for cutting circles of two different sizes. Cheese slices ... Cheddar and Swiss, two colours, for the eyes.

Darling son KW will be bringing this Minon, Despicable Me lunch to school. In the lunch box, he got a rice ball, shaped like Minion's head and hidden under Minion, blanched broccoli florets, and pan-fried chicken. How about Darling son YW? He had a terrible sore throat last night. I thought I should let him bring something light for lunch ... blanched snow peas, prawns cooked in salted water, and rice. So two different sets of lunch for school.

Midway through lunch preparation, I noticed that Darling son YW was not his usual self. He looked tired and his face was very red. A mother's instinct, I would say, and I quickly took his temperature. He was having a high fever of 102F/38.8C! So the boy would be staying home today! He could still have prawns and snow peas for lunch, with rice in a bowl of miso soup.

Hubby dear was one lucky guy today! He's got a combination of both meals!

The medication did bring Darling son YW's fever down, but after lunch, it went up again to 102F/39C. I hope he will get well soon, after a day or two of rest. So for now, I will be preparing two sets of meals, till the little boy recovers!

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