Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mushroom Twins

Meet the mushroom twins. They are made from cheese and ham. I love eating mushrooms, but my boys don't. But I'm sure the boys are happy with the big mushroom in their lunch box today =)

In today's lunch box .... Egg and ham roll, broccoli, strawberry, rice, and of course, the big mushroom, made using ham and cheese!

The boys were coughing badly yesterday, and Darling son KW was starting to develop a sore throat. I was not keen to bake or fry any meat this morning, and so opted for ham. My good excuse for doing less work. But I did prepare an egg sheet, to go with the ham, and made them into a roll.

My boys love egg omelette, and I usually use three eggs to make the omelette for the family. It is impossible to roll the thick omelette without breaking it, and visually, it is not pleasing, with all the brown spots on the omelette. Thus, I have always wonder how to do a thin egg sheet that can be rolled. When I came to Anna's blog, AnnaTheRed Bento Factory, it was only then I realised I needed to add 1 tablespoon of water and 1/2 tablespoon of cornstarch to one egg before frying! I tried, and I got a nice round egg sheet this morning. Thanks, Anna, for sharing the "How To" in your blog! Great instructions for rookies like me =)

After sending the boys to school this morning, I checked my emails, and read Maki's post in Just Bento. Quote from her blog post .... "It may sound corny, but to me a bento box is about giving a bit of love to someone too. ".

How true! However much I try to duplicate my mom's dish, the taste is not the same. My conclusion is that, the difference in taste lies with the extra ingredient she puts in ..... giving a bit of love to the ones she is cooking for. And this is the extra ingredient I put into the boys' lunch boxes every morning =)

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